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Core Business BV is a trading company is trading in all electronic products. We are registered with GSM exchange since 2006 and with Handelot since 2008.

We help you to expand your CORE BUSINESS to the max Core Business bv delivers high-quality voice termination to fixed and mobile destinations across the world at highly competitive rates. Our services have been designed to help service providers, fixed and mobile operators, calling card providers and ITSP’s outsource their international call termination.

  • Flexibility and keeping it simple is our strength.

Professional Approach

Our services can be availed by any, be it individuals, organizational traders, brokers, hedge funds associations, money managers or commercial entities.


We intend to assist the customers throughout the trading process by providing them advanced product information, daily & weekly video reviews, as well as, trading analysis charts.

Thought Leadership

We aim to avail our clients with the needed knowledge and tools, so that they may trade while following acknowledged and rational strategies.

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We assume positive intent and seek positive alignment. When in doubt we seek out clarification to identify the constructive intent of ours peers, clients, and partners.

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